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Why the Olympics inspire us

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Most of our lives are centered on sports, I mean it was just our first game day at OSU, and let’s be honest, it seems as though nothing else is going on in the world, or if it is, it is definitely not important Saturdays here at OSU. Why is it then that the Olympics seem to inspire us that much more than other elite sporting events?

Is it because they only come around once every four years, is it because they are competing for our country or is it because there are sports other than professional sports finally in the spotlight? Yes, obviously all of this is important, but in my opinion I think above all it is the fact that there are people of all different ages in all types of sports from swimming to curling ages ranging from 14-70. (YES, there was a 70 year old on the Japan equestrian team!!)

It never seems too out of reach that one day, just maybe, when we find the right sport we will finally make it and be able to have the pride to be able to compete for our country and wear that USA jersey.

If you forget how much you want to be like the Olympians check this out:

So if you want to be the next gold medalist and inspire millions of Americans, here are my top three tips on how to become the next USA OLYMPIAN:

1. Get off your couch and start obsessively training! Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps train up to 5 hours a day in the pool, six days a week, not including dry land conditioning which adds just a few more hours on top of that. So stop anything else you might think of doing and TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!

2. Find a random sport and stick to it! You are obviously a little behind if you are at OSU now and haven’t been training since you were four or so, because of this you do not have time to dabble in many different sports and see what you like the best. I suggest choosing something a little less popular than sand volleyball or gymnastics and go with target shooting or curling.

3. Give up those late night college parties. Beer is just not on the Olympic diet plan, instead switch that out with what Aly Raisman and the rest of the Fab Five ate, all whole grains, fresh fruit, nuts and veggies.

The Olympics are a time when we unite together, and tomorrow, the Buckeye Nation will unite to hear from three Olympians at WINNING GOLD ft. Kerri Walsh Jennings, Ryan Lochte, and Aly Raisman. Event is sold out, but a standby line will begin prior to the event.

-Colleen Flynn,
Lectures Committee, OUAB

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