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Where Everything is Made Up and the Points Don’t Matter

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You may remember the show just as that, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter, or maybe as the show you’d watch to get a good laugh in right before going to bed, but either way Whose Line is it Anyway?  is a show that most of us here at Ohio State have watched, or at least heard of at some point growing up. (Shout out to kids of the 90’s)

Now you may be thinking, “Wait, I haven’t seen that show in years!” Well newsflash, kids! Whose Line came back better than ever this past summer with some of our favorite contestants such as Colin Mochrie, Brad Sherwood, and Wayne Brady. While it was off-air for the past few years, the fans have spoken and they want their Whose Line!

While thinking about all of the good times and laughter that Whose Line gave me growing up, I thought it would be fun to for all of us to reminisce on some of our favorite Whose Line games. Be prepared to shed a few tears…from laughing that is!

  • Props: During this game the contestants were given just that, weird looking props that most of us would simply tilt our heads at. Yet, these guys somehow managed to use their imaginations and make those of us at home see these oddly shaped items in a whole new light. Check out some of the best of the “Props” game below:


  • Scenes from a Hat: This was always the point in the show where I was dying to be in the audience because my ten-year-old self thought I had the best ideas ever. I’m sure you folks can relate to this feeling as well. Anyhow, during this game audience members put goofy ideas for scenes into a hat (pretty self-explanatory you see) and the contestants acted them out. For a few giggles, see the video:
  • Let’s Make a Date: Another classic Whose Line game, right here. The guys would act out a dating game show and have quirky characters they portrayed. Sometimes, I wish they existed in real life for my personal entertainment. See our upcoming guests, Colin and Brad, in the scene below:


Hopefully these videos helped you procrastinate your homework for a solid 15 minutes, or better yet, made you laugh. Be sure to come check out “Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood: Two Man Group,” on Monday, September 16 in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom at 8 p.m. While tickets are currently sold out, we will have a stand-by line for those of you who didn’t get a chance to grab yours in time. We are looking forward to seeing you at the event brought to you by the organization where our events are free and bringing your Buck I.D. to the events really matters.

Oh, and P.S. in case you ever wondered who actually won the show (because it was a mystery to all), BuzzFeed has been so kind as to answer that plaguing question for us.

-Kelly Rogers,
Comedy Committee


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