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Top 3 Haunted Houses in Ohio

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Halloween is quickly approaching, and who isn’t up for a good scare? Sometimes, haunted houses can be notoriously childish and not so scary, but not these 3 Haunted Houses in Ohio. Haunted Hoochie (Dead Acres), the Dent SchoolHouse, and Terror Town are not only the best haunted houses in Ohio, but they’re also some of the best haunted houses in the nation. Think you’re too old to be scared by a few monsters? Wait until you see some of the insane, bloody, gory, and disturbing things these Haunted Houses have to offer.

         1.  Haunted Hoochie:

Located just 5 miles east of Columbus on Broad Street, Haunted Hoochie is a great Haunted House option for people living in the Columbus area. This 50,000 ft2 space is filled with terrifying scenes of people getting cut in half, a birth of demon baby, and vicious deaths. General admission tickets are only $20 and can be purchased online. Shows start at 8:30 and continue until midnight most nights. Haunted Hoochie puts on shows every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until November 2nd leaving plenty of time for everyone to get over there and be scared.  Nothing can beat the terror that ensues when entering Haunted Hoochie ranking number 1 as the most outrageous haunted houses in America in 2011.

         2.  The Dent Schoolhouse:

The Dent Schoolhouse was in fact a school at one point. It opened in 1894 and shutdown in the 1950s. It has now been turned into one of the scariest, most disturbing Haunted Houses in America. The legend is that Charlie the janitor got sick of the annoying little children at school, so he started killing them in the basement. This Haunted House features over 2 dozen mutilated bodies as you enter the most terrifying part of the house…the basement where all the killings occurred. Most people bail out before they get to the basement because they are just too scared to go on. This 18,000 ft2 house located in Cincinatti, Ohio is the longest and scariest experience in Cincinatti, but find out for yourself any Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday until November 2nd. The Dent SchoolHouse is open from 7:30-10 on Thursdays and Sundays, and 7:30-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

         3.  Terror Town:

Terror Town, located in Toledo, Ohio, was selected as a 2013 must see haunted house by Haunted Attraction magazine. It is notorious for its two attractions: House of Dead and Big Top Terror. The House of dead features a “hellevator” that stops at a new petrifying floor this year. As you walk, massive monsters and bloody zombies will jump out at you in the pitch black hallways…anyone is lucky to make it through. Terror Town is open Friday and Saturday from 8-midnight, Sunday from 8-10pm, and 8-11pm on Halloween. A House of Dead ticket is $20 and combo ticket for “House of Dead” and “Big Top Terror” is only $25!



-Emma Haught

Comedy Committee


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