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The Perfect Pumpkin

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Halloween is here again! The leaves on the Oval are changing, Hollywood is cranking out horror flicks, the Kit Kat wrappers are piling up, and all anyone seems to care about is finding the perfect costume. So get out your tools and roll up your sleeves, it’s time to carve some pumpkins!

No fall season is complete without this beloved tradition. And, if you are anything like me, you love to get elbow deep in pumpkin guts and spend hours planning out a winning design. But the only thing that ends up looking messy is the less than artistic Jack-o’-lantern of an end product. What can I say? Not everyone can be a carving pro.

But, the pumpkin wizards at Villafane Studios certainly are. Their designs have been featured internationally and their carving creations are beyond belief to us amateurs. Check out these pictures below for some cool inspiration:





Think you can do better? Here are some tips to make this year’s Jack-o’-Lantern just as incredible:

  • Pick a Theme: Whether you go for spooky or spunky, a theme will help you develop your design idea.
  • Reference Pop Culture: Celebrities, politicians, characters, and logos are always crowd pleasers.
  • Sketch First: Use a washable marker for carving guidance and easy erasing.
  • Go Big: Cut out the large pieces before moving on to the intricate details.
  • Improvise: Carve out the wrong piece? Use a toothpick to reattach it.
  • Light It Up: Flatten the inside bottom for easy and stable candle placement.

Keep these quick guidelines in mind when carving, and your pumpkin is sure to light up Halloween night. Now here’s to hoping it doesn’t get smashed!

-Courtney Cleminshaw
Concerts Committee


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