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More Road Trip Songs – Pt. 2

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Here at OUAB we love to have fun and get outside any chance we can. So we trust you will be doing the same by taking a trip somewhere this SPRING BREAK! First decide where you and your friends should go (umm somewhere with less snow and more sun? A beach? Probably rhymes with Norida?). Next, draw straws for whose car you’re going to take. Okay Eric lost? Sorry about that Eric. And finally to make your travels even better, download, burn, and stream these essential road trip upgrading tracks. Handpicked jamz that’ll be your sidekick on this journey towards Sunburn City, USA!

1. “All My Friends” – LCD Soundsystem
-All right so you’ve pulled away from the driveway. Now first make sure all your friends are in the car.
2. “Coastin'” – Zion I
-By now you should’ve hit the highway towards your destination. Woo! Uh oh, watch your speed.
3. “No Rain” – Blind Melon
-Look out the window, clear skies?
4. “Good Time” – Brazilian Girls
-The car decides it’s finally a good time for lunch…and a bathroom break.
5. “99 Red Balloons” – Nena
-Eric decides to shriek through 99 bottles of beer on the wall. No thanks Eric. Play this instead.
6. “Electric Avenue” – Eddy Grant
-Siri leads you down the wrong highway. Oh no worries!
7. “Nighttiming” – Coconut Records
-By now the sun has set, groove to this.
8. “James Franco” – Hoodie Allen
-You begin to think to yourself, “I really hope we run in to Selena Gomez and James Franco on this trip. They seem like fun Spring Breakers…”
9. “Miami” – Will Smith
-It may not be Miami or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, but you’re almost there!
10. ​Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix) – MGMT
-You did it! Sitting through 6+ hours of road travel is no small feat. Now get out there and enjoy Spring Break ’14!

-Max Scharf

Comedy Committee


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