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The Top Ten Moments That Defined Robin Wright’s Career

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Robin Wright has had some pretty iconic roles over the past 20 years, and with her visit quickly approaching, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to give a definitive ranking to the moments that defined her career in Hollywood.

Spoiler Alert! If you didn’t binge watch all of House of Cards or melt at the ending of The Princess Bride, be warned that we’ve given away some of the secrets!

If you’re not already overwhelmingly excited that Robin Wright will be at Ohio State in a few short days, hopefully the below list will get you just as pumped as we are to see her on Monday, November 17 at 7:30pm in the Ballroom of the Ohio Union! Tickets are still available at the Ohio Union Info Desk with your BuckID!

10. How much would you give to run through the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument? Robin Wright got paid to do it while we all cried at her reunion with Forrest.

9. That time in 1988 when she won the “Outstanding Heroine” award from Soap Opera Digest for her thrilling role on Santa Barbara. (Raise your hand if you knew this award existed. Yeah, we didn’t either.)

8. During Season 1 of House of Cards when we learned that ice runs through Claire Underwood’s veins.

7. When she spent the entirety of one of her most memorable roles being referred to as “Buttercup”. We still love you, Robin.

6. When she tested her dance skills against Jimmy Fallon and we realized that she is the perfect human, even while dancing to “Turn Down for What”.

5. When Frank Underwood became President and we realized she’ll now be playing the First Lady in season 3 of House of Cards.

4. When Buttercup reunited with her long, lost love, Westley, in The Princess Bride, and we all said in unison (and through our tears), “As you wish”.

3. When we realized that Frank and Claire are perfect for each other.

2. When she was the first woman to win Best Actress in a television series for a series that was never actually on television.

1. When she introduced Forrest to his son, Forrest, who just happened to be the most adorable child ever.


Written by Katie Jobko, a senior studying Operations Management, Visual and Fine Arts committee


Author: OUAB

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