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Everything You Need to Know about Daymond John’s Pitch Contest

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Who is Daymond John?

Daymond started a clothing company in his mother’s basement and transformed it into a global fashion empire. He is a star on ABC’s critically acclaimed reality business show Shark Tank and the Founder and CEO of FUBU, a company which has amassed over 4 billion dollars in worldwide retail sales to date. He’s a consultant and public speaker, who shares his expertise with everyone from students and aspiring entrepreneurs to small business owners and CEOs of major corporations.  On February 12th , Daymond will be sharing his experiences in entrepreneurship and branding, as well as hosting a mock pitch competition.

What is the mock pitch competition?

The mock competition is styled to allow students the chance to pitch original business or product ideas to a panel of judges, including Daymond John.  The competition will take place during the event on February 12th with an audience of attendees. Students will have about four minutes to convince the judges why they should, theoretically, invest or purchase their business idea. The judges will then provide feedback to the participant regarding their idea, its presentation, and the overall business concept. The judges will evaluate pitches on criteria such as creativity, validity, and ability to generate a profit.

How do I enter the competition?

Students who hope to enter the competition should complete a pitch form, which can be found at ow.ly/GXwgr . Applicants will be reviewed and select individuals will be chosen to participate in the event on February 12th and pitch their business submission to the panel of judges. Applicants should be sure to send a business or marketing plan, in addition to submission of the form, to the event chair, Brian Jaros, at datesanddata@gmail.com . Applicants will be notified by Tuesday, February 10th if their idea was selected to be presented during the event.

What should my pitch be about?

Any business or product idea that is of your own, original conception is valid for submission! Creativity is key.

Who can enter for a chance to participate in the mock pitch competition?

Any current Ohio State student is eligible to enter the mock pitch competition. Please note that if you are selected to participate in the competition at the event, you will be required to be present at the event (Feb. 12th) from 7:00 pm  – 9:00pm.

Do I win anything in the competition?

Prizes, ranging from Daymond’s book to Ohio State gear, will be awarded to students with the best pitches as evaluated by the judges.

Notes about entitlement of pitches and legalities of the competition:

Please take care in reviewing the terms and conditions provided on the competition entry form. Any questions regarding legalities or ownership can be addressed to Brian Jaros at ouab@osu.edu

Further questions:

Any additional questions regarding the event or the mock pitch competition can be addressed to Brian Jaros via ouab@osu.edu


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