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Daymond John Swims Up Stream to Reach “The Shark Tank”

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I’m sure many of us have watched ABC’s “The Shark Tank” and thought, “Hey, I could do that!” It wouldn’t be a bad job to have so much money that you could sit day after day and listen to people come to you with their brilliant ideas and attempt to convince you to back them up. However, what career steps did Daymond John take to get to this point? Today I will give you a brief glimpse into his journey.

Growing up in Queens, Daymond attended high school and worked a full time job on an alternating week basis. This co-op program is something he often credits for igniting his passion for business. The first big move in his professional career came in the form of FUBU (For Us By Us), a clothing company started through Daymond and his mother mortgaging their house.

He was so adamant about the success of FUBU, in the early years he even worked a full time job at Red Lobster to make ends meet. John and his partners got their first break when he successfully convinced an old neighborhood friend, LL Cool J, to wear a FUBU t-shirt for a promotional campaign, helping the company gain some exposure.

However, the turning point for the group came at Magic, a trade show in Los Vegas where FUBU received over $300,000 in orders. The success continued and to this day FUBU has seen over $6 Billion in global sales.

Now, apart from joining “Shark Tank” in 2009, Daymond John serves as a consultant and public speaker. Some of his clients include Pitbull, The Miss Universe Organization, and Shopify. His work ethic and creativity are something that every young entrepreneur can learn from.

So, if you’re interested in seeing Daymond John when he comes to campus, then head to the Ohio Union Info Desk with your BuckID to pick up tickets today (two tickets per BuckID)! The event is Thursday at 7:30pm in the Grand Ballroom of the Ohio Union.

Group seating is also available for student organizations on campus. Email ouabmarketing@gmail.com with your student organization and the number of seats you’d like to request.


Written by Austin Mylander, a senior studying Finance on the Visual and Fine Arts Committee


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