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OUAB Takes Over Newport Music Hall on Friday

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As the great Allen Stone once said,

This week, OUAB, USG and the Office of Energy and Environment are teaming up to present the We Are One initiative. Stop by the Sustainability Fair on Thursday in the Performance Hall from 11:30am-5pm.

The fair is followed by the We Are One concert featuring Allen Stone with special guest Jon Bellion and Kid Runner. We’ll be jamming out the the “language of energy” at the Newport on Friday! Tickets still available at the Ohio Union Info Desk, 2 per BuckID.

In honor of these two events this week, here’s 6 quick facts about how we affect the environment that you may be “Unaware” of.

  1. American’s make up only 5% of the world’s population, but consume 26% of the world’s energy.


  1. A heavy coat of dust on a light bulb can block up to half of the light


  1. A hot water faucet that leaks one drop per second can add up to 165 gallons a month. That’s more than one person uses in two weeks.


  1. A crack as small as 1/16th of an inch around a window frame can let in as much cold air as leaving the window open three inches


  1. Glass bottles take 4,000 years to decompose

  1. We throw away 25,000,000 plastic bottles an hour


Be a part of our #OneCampus initiative. Together we are one university, one community and one planet. Tickets are available for the concert at the Ohio Union Info Desk, 2 per BuckID.

In the meantime, here’s Jon Bellion enjoying and loving mother nature, as we all should!


Written by Jenna Weber, a 2nd year studying Strategic Communications on the Concerts Committee





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The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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