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OUABeats #6 – September 7, 2015

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Welcome to OUABeats! This column will be posted every other Monday and provide you with songs to get you through the week while also providing insight as to what the members of OUAB are currently listening to. Each post will feature tracks from varying genres and contain brief descriptions of the artist and why we chose to include that particular song. In addition, we will have an OUAB Spotify playlist that will feature all of the songs that we discuss here that are available on the platform as well as other tracks that we think you should check out!

Here For You – Kygo Feat. Ellen Henderson

With two top 50 hits—“Stole the Show” and “Firestone”—Kygo continues to deliver his enchanting beats with his hottest new single, “Here for You”, featuring Ellen Henderson. The steady flow of uplifting rhythms and lyrics provided by this song make it perfect for a chill hangout with friends, a walk to class, or a night drive with the windows down.


In the Night – The Weeknd

The Weeknd has seamlessly jumped into the top ranks of today’s hits thanks to his latest album Beauty Behind the Madness. Don’t let his multi-directional hairstyle lead you astray, because this dude’s got game. Most people know his top tracks, “Can’t Feel my Face”, “The Hills”, and “Often”, but give “In the Night” a listen for a different feel of his R&B infused beats and unique voice. This song has a nice mix of softer, slower rhythm with an upbeat chorus that hits a little harder.

The Trouble with Love – Hunter Hayes

Coming off of his very popular, six-song album entitled 21, Hunter Hayes is at the forefront of country music’s young superstars. The 23-year old Louisiana native has claimed the ears of country fanatics with “I Want Crazy”, “Wanted”, and “Tattoo”, but check out “The Trouble with Love” for a slower, deeper track about the trials and tribulations that accompany falling in love.


Burn Slow – Wiz Khalifa Feat. Rae Sremmurd

Back from a year hiatus since his last album, Blacc Hollywood, Wiz returns with his new single, “Burn Slow” featuring Rae Sremmurd. This single is a preview for his upcoming album release in 2016 and is sure to be heard blaring throughout house parties off-campus. The song features a laid back, consistent beat that still makes you want to get your sway on.


Hula Hoop – Omi

Even though he thinks he found himself a cheerleader, Omi hasn’t decided to settle just yet as he offers another sure to be hit with Hula Hoop. Feeding off of the same upbeat and “makes you want to dance and sing along” feel of Cheerleader, “Hula Hoop” is certain to be playing at Bullwinkle’s and Midway real soon! Omi’s reggae fusion sound is addicting and makes dancing to his music tough to resist, as I’m sure you’ll find with “Hula Hoop”.

Seventeen – Alessia Cara

Upcoming R&B artist, Alessia Cara, has jumped onto the music scene with hit song, “Seventeen”. The song captures the essence of growing up and realizing how we sometimes take for granted our younger days, in this case, being seventeen. Her soft voice and R&B sound make for a catchy hit that will make you want to learn the lyrics and sing along. Watch out for this 19-year old to make waves quickly and check out her 5 track album, Four Pink Walls.

School’s back in but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! Get down to these jams and don’t forget to check out our Spotify account which features all of the songs above and from the past OUABeats posts!


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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