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OUABeats #7 – October 5th, 2015

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Welcome to OUABeats! This column will be posted every other Monday and provide you with songs to get you through the week while also providing insight as to what the members of OUAB are currently listening to. Each post will feature tracks from varying genres and contain brief descriptions of the artist and why we chose to include that particular song. In addition, we will have an OUAB Spotify playlist that will feature all of the songs that we discuss here that are available on the platform as well as other tracks that we think you should check out!

Ghost (Lost Kings Remix) – Halsey

Halsey is an upcoming artist to watch. Her premiere album, Badlands, has topped the charts at number 2, falling just behind The Weeknd. At only 20 years old, her unique blend of pop vocals and electronic background create her distinct sound throughout the record. The Lost Kings Remix adds an upbeat vibe to her first hit, Ghost.

Ocean Drive – Duke Demont

British DJ Duke Demont premiered Ocean Drive as his hit single of Summer 2015. In the past, his remixes have topped the charts in the United Kingdom and one of his most popular songs, I Got U, has made its way, internationally, onto the US charts. Ocean Drive is a groovy techno jam, with undertones reminiscent of an 80’s throwback. When this song comes on, you just can’t help but tap your foot or break out some moves to the beat.

Desire (Gryffin Remix) – Years & Years

Years & Years is a British electronica band formed in London. After blowing up from their hit single, King (156 Million Spotify views), the band began their US tour on the wake of their newest album, Communion. In Desire, frontman Olly Alexander sings about the power of attraction, especially when the consequences can be negative. The Gryffin Remix turns the originally slower-paced song into an EDM dance hit.

Omen – Disclosure & Sam Smith

Disclosure and Sam Smith originally displayed their success as collaborators with their smash hit “Latch.” This second collaboration, Omen, continues to raise the bar. The profound vocals of Sam and the funky track laid by Disclosure create an oddly cohesive mash up that will have you singing along.

Hotline Bling – Drake

The past success of Canadian artist, Drake, is truly unrivaled (sorry Meek) and Hotline Bling is no exception. Warning: this song can and will be stuck in your end for days on end. Drake, who is notorious for referencing his struggles with love, uses a unique blend of rap and R&B to detail yet another “romantic” endeavor.

Beggin for Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix) – Banks

At 27 years old, alternative pop singer Banks has been labeled an artist to watch. Most recently opening for the Weeknd, she performs her premiere album, Goddess, which has been praised for its raw sounds and meaningful undertones. In Begging for Thread, her most popular hit, Banks candidly speaks about a relationship with a guy who presumably thought he could take advantage and she is NOT having it. If I were him, I’d watch my back because Banks says now that he’s involved, he’s stuck for the ride. The Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix compliments her vocals with a synthesized background.

Don’t forget to check out our Spotify account which features all of the songs above and from the past OUABeats posts!


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