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OUABe at Flicks For Free

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It’s Wednesday night. You’re sitting with a few friends thinking of entertaining ways to spend the evening. The last twenty minutes have been spent listening to your roommate’s incredibly average Christopher Walken impression, and as much as you love his role in Wedding Crashers, you’d love to find a more riveting way to spend the remainder of your homework-free weeknight.

An American Airlines commercial comes across your TV screen.

“Can you imagine…” begins your roommate, “being Orville Redenbacher on the first ever flight?! That’s crazy talk right there.”

So clumsy, that roommate.

Upon correcting them and telling them that it is Orville Wright that they’re thinking of, your mind immediately drifts to the succulent and salty taste of movie theater popcorn. You pull out your wallet only to find a couple dollar bills, a paper clip, a ‘Buy 10 Get 1 Free’ coffee card, an expired Kroger coupon, and some flier you took from a stranger on the Oval. These materials won’t get you high-quality movie theater popcorn. Let’s face it—it’s like $6.50 for 14 popcorn kernels nowadays. It’s probably like $1.25 to even tell the cashier “thank you”. And let’s not even get into the prices for an actual ticket into the theater!

HOWEVER, you’re fortunate enough to have the ability to attend a “Flicks for Free” put on by your very own Ohio Union Activities Board every Wednesday night! Conveniently located inside the U.S. Bank Conference Theater [by Sloopy’s Diner], OUAB shows two films once a week—free for all OSU students! Furthermore, there are bags of that popcorn you were so desperately craving, along with soda, water, lemonade, etc. So, throw that expired coupon away, rally up some friends, and make your way over to the Ohio Union for a free showing of some of the most popular Blockbuster hits!

Here is the list of ‘flicks’ remaining for Fall Semester 2015:

10/7: Minions

10/14: Ted 2

10/21: Mission Impossible 3: Rogue Nation

10/28: Insidious | Sinister 2

11/4: Space Jam | Remember the Titans

11/18: Straight Outta Compton

12/2: Southpaw

12/10: Trainwreck

There are two opportunities to see these great films every Wednesday. The first film begins at 6:00pm and the second showing will begin around 8:30pm. There’s also a slideshow that plays before the films start, so you might even be able to find out about an event that you otherwise might not have known about.

Whether you want to see a giant talking teddy bear, tiny yellow animated creatures that dance around and fall over, 2006 Tom Cruise, or even a story about the rise and fall of the N.W.A., that flick is offered for free this semester at the Ohio Union!

Just have your roommate leave their Christopher Walken impression at home.

Written By: Braden Heyd

Committee: Lectures


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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