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OUABoy Band Karaoke

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Not to be dramatic or anything, but this week’s karaoke is the karaoke to end all karaokes. It’s time to break out the portable CD players, hair crimpers, and LipSmackers and take ourselves back to the glory days of frosted tips and the voices of actual angels.

These were the days in which you were undoubtedly either Team Backstreet or Team *NSYNC, at least for as long as your dad wasn’t making you jam to Meatloaf or ACDC with him in the car…….just me?

These are the CDs that spent about eight straight years on constant replay since the days when we were small enough to see ourselves dancing in the reflection of the oven window. They were most likely replaced at least once due to wear and tear. But hey – shout out to Spotify, am I right?

 Speaking of Spotify, here is the ~official~ list of our Top 10 Anthems of the Boy Band Glory Days**:

dean gif

**Side note: There is no denying that the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were – hands down – the only important boy bands of our generation, but for the sake of diversity and a handful of killer outliers, we’ve included selections from others as well.**

10. True To Your Heart  –  98° (ft. Stevie Wonder)

TBT to the days when Nick Lachey was still relevant and not yet wifed up by the delightfully ignorant Jessica Simpson. Anyone remember any of the other band members? Probably about as well as Jess remembers the difference between chicken and tuna. Still a jam though.

nick lachey

 9. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)  –  Backstreet Boys

Classic Backstreet Boys, taking us back to their very first album when they stole every single one of our hearts, and don’t even act like this wasn’t you in the shower reenacting the music video:

shower gif

8. She Will Be Loved  –  Maroon 5

Claiming you’ve never belted these lyrics at the top of your lungs at one point in your childhood is like trying to say you’ve never peed in the shower. Here’s to potentially the most dramatic ballad all of our 10-year-old selves used to claim as “totally my song.”


7. Just the Girl  –  The Click Five

“She can’t keep a secret for more than an hour”

~OMG this is so me~

“She runs on 100 proof attitude power”


“The more she ignores me the more I adore her”

 ~This is actually my excuse for still being afraid to talk to boys but sHhHhH~


6. Juliet  –  LMNT

This was THE one-hit wonder of our generation. I still have extremely high expectations for a rendition of this one because, honestly, LMNT would’ve been the One Direction of 2002 if they put out an entire album as good as this song. (Bonus points for knowing LMNT is actually pronounced “Element.”)


5. Bye Bye Bye  –  *NSYNC

Somebody is going to sing it. They just are. This song is never going away. On the real, I’m not even confident this song should be this high on the rankings, but for the sake of our childhood, it just wouldn’t be fair not to include it. It’s an anthem. And an ode to below-average, yet highly successful, choreography.

bye bye bye

4. All or Nothing  –  O-Town

Flashback to 6th-grade dances and PTA volunteers stepping in to make sure we “left room for Jesus” as we either boldly took on our first slow dance with our ~significant others~ or casually made our way to the pizza till Cupid Shuffle came back on.

slow dance

3. Accidentally in Love  –  Counting Crows 

I secretly wish this was #1 on the list because we all saw Shrek, and this song just kinda never got out of our heads. Sometimes you’re nine years old and jumping on your bed with this song blasting on your boombox…and sometimes it’s 11 years later, and you’re still doing the exact same thing except maybe you upgraded to Bluetooth speakers.


2. Pop  –  *NSYNC

I think JT said it best in his opening lines – “The thing you got to realize, what we do is not a trend / We got the gift of melody, we gonna bring it till the end.”  Admit it – this is the music we will tell our future kids is ~real music~ when we’re too embarrassed to admit it’s really Fetty Wap.

real music

1. I Want It That Way  –  Backstreet Boys

 And finally…this one is Go Hard or Go Home material. It’s almost mandatory that you deck out in the signature white on white on white to give this ballad the respect it deserves . And if you’re bold enough to pull an AJ, it’s highly recommended you top it off with a ~trendy~ white fedora. Trust me. The ladies will love it.

i want it that way

Whether you stick within these realms of greatness or dare to venture out into the wide world of OUABoy Band Bliss, this Thursday is bound to be a blast from the past you won’t regret. Bring your friends and take the stage, or sit back with some Woody’s wings and enjoy the show put on by those apparently more shameless than yourself.

We’ll see you at 7:00 PM in Woody’s Tavern for an OUABlast!

Written By: Jasmin Weideling

Committee: Comedy


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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