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Quiz: Should You Attend An Evening With Nyle DiMarco?

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Take the quiz below to find out if this OUAB event is a good choice for you!

1.     Have you attended an OUAB event before?

a.     Of course! OUAB events are why you applied to The Ohio State University and you have yet to miss an event.

b.     A few. Your friends may have dragged you to an event or two but you’ve never actively sought out an OUAB event for yourself due to your busy schedule.

c.     What’s OUAB? (See here→ http://ouab.osu.edu/ )

2.     There’s a break coming up. Where do you spend your time away from Ohio State?

a.     The beach                              b. The mountains                                c. Your bed

3.     Have you ever known/met someone with a condition such as deafness?

a.     Yes.  You volunteer with a local charity that helps individuals with such conditions in the Columbus area and know a fair amount of American Sign Language from high school classes.

b.     No.  You’ve never actually met a deaf individual before but you have always wanted to meet someone and learn how they have not let their deafness be a limitation.

c.     No.  You’ve never considered the challenges of the Deaf Community but maybe you are curious about how they use their disability to enhance their lives.

4.     What television show can be found on your DVR since college does not allow time for live TV watching?

a.     Switched at Birth. You love the unique and positive message the show puts out about the Deaf Community and Nyle was your favorite guest star!

b.     Dancing with the Stars. You love watching stars struggle to dance and was impressed by Nyle not letting his disability define his dancing abilities and winning the 22nd season.

c.     America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks is your spirit animal and you vaguely remember Nyle winning the final season, but there’s been so many season it’s hard to keep track of all the winners.

5.     Do you love dogs?

a.     Yes!                                            b. Most of the time                            c. No. You love cats

6.     Have you ever heard of the Nyle DiMarco Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives and well-being of every Deaf person in the world?

a.     Yes. It is one of the many charities you support along with WWF and the Red Cross.

b.     Maybe. You’ve heard about celebrity-sponsored foundations and find it really cool that Nyle was able to make his own charity that directly helps a community he is so passionate about.

c.     No. You were unaware of a need for philanthropic aid in the Deaf Community but are interested in the work that can be done.

7.     Which costume would you rock this year for Halloween?

a.     Jungle Fever                         b. Rock n’ Roll                      c. The Mask



Mostly a’s: Yes, you should totally go to An Evening with Nyle DiMarco! You’re fun-loving and extremely involved with all of the OUAB events. Nyle is one of your favorite celebrities and learning more about his fantastic career and huge philanthropic contributions to the Deaf Community would makes this event perfect for you.

Mostly b’s: Yes, you should switch up your set schedule and go to An Evening with Nyle DiMarco! You’re the typical college student who puts school first but love to attend new and exciting events. Learning about how Nyle has not let his deafness define him would make this an interesting and thought provoking event to attend.

Mostly c’s: Yes, you should go to An Evening with Nyle DiMarco to expand your horizons! You’re not the type to typically attend an OUAB event such as this but it would be the perfect event to learn about deafness as a condition, the Deaf Community, and Nyle’s goal to ensure all Deaf children receive the same opportunities he did.

Event Details:

Time: 7:30 pm (Doors at 6:30 pm)

Location: Ohio Union Grand Ballroom

Tickets available at the Ohio Union Info Desk, 2 per BuckID

Written by: Alexandra Craig

Committee: Visual and Fine Arts


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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