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OUABob’s Burgers in the Danger Zone: A Night with H. Jon Benjamin

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Whether late-night binge-watching episodes of Archer, or catching the new episodes of Bob’s Burgers on TV, many are familiar with the voice that belongs to H. Jon Benjamin. Here’s more about the man behind the voice and his characters.

Enter the Danger Zone, where Sterling Archer claims to be the “World’s Best Secret Agent.” Whether arguing with his “hot and cold” girlfriend Lana, or one of his many other female counterparts, the womanizing, Burt Reynolds-loving Archer serves to provide humor for many. While at first H. Jon was worried to play a spy because his British accent is horrible, Benjamin portrays Archer flawlessly.


Upon leaving the Danger Zone, stop by and enjoy a “She’s a Super Leek” burger at the famous restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. While Archer is a philandering, selfish, reckless spy, Bob’s characteristics are very different. Bob is a family man that is often flustered and frazzled. He’s typically fed up with his family’s hilarious and apathetic ways, yet is caring and willing to do anything for them. Benjamin can see himself in Bob, though he believes that he himself is a little more cynical. In the way that Benjamin could not necessarily identify with Archer, he has the opportunity grow with Bob, which adds to the show’s already excellent character development.


While these two characters lead totally different lives, Benjamin captures the essence of both as individuals. He does it so well that there was even a crossover episode of the two shows. Being a fan of both comedies, I was very amused with not only the humor, but the overall execution from H. Jon Benjamin being able to properly execute dual roles in one episode of a show.


While one typically may not know the face of their favorite voice actors (I wouldn’t have even recognized him before this event), let’s not discredit the man behind some of our favorite characters. With Benjamin being a skilled improv artist, as well as a stand-up comedian, he uses those skills to ad lib scenes that complement his type of humor. Often, voice actors use different inflections of their own voice while acting, but Benjamin uses his natural voice to his advantage which adds to the originality of his characters. Along with Archer and Bob’s Burgers, Benjamin’s talents extend far beyond his famous cartoon counterparts and is featured in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Family Guy, and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist just to name a few.


Even if you aren’t familiar with his work, come see the talented H. Jon Benjamin on November 3rd at 8 PM in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom!

Get your tickets at the Ohio Union Info Desk. 2 per BuckID!

Written by: Kamaria Thomas

Committee: Visual & Fine Arts


Author: OUAB

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