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It’s Game Night at the Ohio Union!

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Have you ever been channel surfing midday on a weekend or while you are sick and stumble across game shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or (a personal favorite) Family Feud? Have you ever wondered if the family members are given matching shirts by Family Feud or if they actually found matching pastel outfits in store? Those outfits may be tacky, but have you ever secretly wanted to be in one of them?


Game shows like Family Feud are addictive, not only because you are always smarter than the contestants playing, but because their answers and the survey answers always seem to come out of left park, and dang, is it entertaining! I was watching Family Feud the other weekend, and one of the questions was, “Something a woman wants to hear about her ex that dumped her,” and, I kid you not, one of the answers was that her ex is “dead/rotting!” Steve Harvey’s face was priceless.

Or the ever infamous “NAKED GRANDMA” man.


It’s a fun, family friendly game that gets the competitive juices flowing, and the laughs never stop.


I have always wanted to participate on a game show, shouting out ridiculous answers that somehow manage to be correct, or high fiving the rest of my team when one of them throws out a completely idiotic answer, but I have to pretend it was genius.


Luckily for me, the Ohio Union Activities Board exists, and they know what the people want (game shows if you are still confused). Thursday, February 9 from 6-10pm in the Performance Hall, OUAB is bringing trivia games, like Family Feud, to Ohio State! I can finally get my team together with matching pastel outfits up on stage to take on anyone who dares to think they know the game better than I do. Bring a team of 4 or just come to watch!


And did I mention the nacho bar? Gotta fuel up before you feud! This night will go down in OUAB history as the night the trivia gurus reign, and I can finally claim a prize for being the fastest buzzer hitter. But don’t let my enthusiasm (read: competitiveness) deter you from showing up. We can’t wait to see who turns out and what teams show up to claim the ultimate prize!

Written by: Dana Outcalt

Committee: Special Events


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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