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11 Times Mayim Bialik was #Goals

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You know her as the geeky neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler from the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” The neuroscience community recognizes her as an accomplished researcher who analyzed hormones in young adults with OCD and Prader-Willi Syndrome. Your cousin who is 10 years older than you knows her as the title character in the 1990s sitcom “Blossom.”

If you aren’t convinced that Mayim Bialik is #goals yet, you’re about to be…

mayim 1

  1. Mayim played a young Bette Midler in the film “Beaches” when she was just 12 YEARS OLD. What were YOU doing when you were 12 years old?

(If you forgot who Bette Midler is, think of the red-haired witch from “Hocus Pocus.” Mayim Bialik is also the red-haired witch by association #Goals).

2. In the 1990s, Mayim was starring in the NBC TV show “Blossom.” She was only 15 years old when she was cast in the lead role of Blossom. What were YOU doing when you were 15 years old? #Goals

mayim 4

3. While attending UCLA, Bialik composed AND conducted music for her Jewish acapella group. #Goals

4. Bialik earned her BS in Neuroscience and Hebrew & Jewish Studies from UCLA in 2000. #Goals

mayim 7


5. Mayim completed several years of research on the role of oxytocin and vasopressin in teens with Prader-Willi Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. #Goals

6. In 2007, Bialik earned her PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA #Goals


mayim 6

7. Bialik is now a neuroscientist playing a neuroscientist on “The Big Bang Theory” #neurosception #Goals

mayim 5

8. Ever heard of Certified Lactation Educator Counselors? Mayim has. And she is one. She is also #Goals.


9. Ever heard of a book? Mayim has and she has written TWO. Her first, called “Beyond the Sling” discusses Attachment Parenting and her second, “Mayim’s Vegan Table,” is a recipe book of family-friendly vegan meals. #Goals


10. Mayim founded the website GrokNation, “an online community for people of all ages and backgrounds to dive deep into conversations on contemporary issues.” It covers topics such as parenting, faith, pop culture, and feminism. #Goals

mayim 8


11. Mayim is an example to the world that women can have a successful career and be a wonderful mother at the same time #Goals.

mayim 9

I’m with Mayim.

To learn more about Mayim and her many talents and accomplishments, please join us on TONIGHT at 7:30 p.m. in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom. Tickets are still available at the Ohio Union Info Desk, 2 per BuckID.

mayim 10

Written by: Ashley Greivenkamp

Committee: Visual & Fine Arts


Author: OUAB

The mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board as the student programming organization at The Ohio State University is to provide diverse programs and events that are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking for the students of the Columbus campus.

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