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Do More: Casey Neistat is Coming to Campus!

Filmmaker. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Three simple words that embody a very complex man. Casey Neistat is a YouTube sensation that turned his life around from a rough childhood into a filmmaker and activist with an enormous following. From snowboarding through the streets of New York to relief work in the Philippines, Casey has used his popularity to make people laugh as well as shed light on important causes and raise awareness. So what else do you need to know about Casey before he gets to campus tonight? Here are four fun facts about this legendary YouTuber.

  1. Casey has over 6 million YouTube subscribers and over 700 videos uploaded.

In addition to his subscribers, his videos collectively have over 1.4 BILLION views on YouTube! Casey started making videos in 2010 and since then has gained an ever-growing subscribers list.


2. Casey is a social media entrepreneur.

Fed up with what he thought was overly edited videos and social media outlets, Casey and his partner, Matt Hacket, created Beme, a video sharing site that allows you to share unedited, 4 second videos to your subscribers. After gaining popularity, Casey sold the company to CNN for $25 million last November.


3. Casey is a director.

Casey has directed commercials for a number of companies, including Samsung, Nike, Google and Mercedes-Benz. In his work with Nike, he wrote, directed and starred in the commercial, which quickly went viral, and now has over one and a half million views.


4. In 2016, Casey won 3 awards for his videography!

Casey was awarded YouTuber of the Year by Shorty Awards, Best First-Person Series and Best Editing by the Streamy Awards and GQ Man of the Year New Media Star. Casey also was nominated for Entertainer of the Year by the Streamy Awards last year.

If you’ve already got a ticket, we are so excited to see you at the event tonight! Doors open at 6:30 to get started with souvenir-making, as OUAB will have a design station available to decorate your own pair of Casey-style shades. Casey will then take the stage at 7:30.

If you didn’t snag a ticket before we sold out, don’t be discouraged. There will be a standby line as always!

Written by: Mary Kate Hutchinson

Committee: Lectures

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It’s Game Night at the Ohio Union!

Have you ever been channel surfing midday on a weekend or while you are sick and stumble across game shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, or (a personal favorite) Family Feud? Have you ever wondered if the family members are given matching shirts by Family Feud or if they actually found matching pastel outfits in store? Those outfits may be tacky, but have you ever secretly wanted to be in one of them?


Game shows like Family Feud are addictive, not only because you are always smarter than the contestants playing, but because their answers and the survey answers always seem to come out of left park, and dang, is it entertaining! I was watching Family Feud the other weekend, and one of the questions was, “Something a woman wants to hear about her ex that dumped her,” and, I kid you not, one of the answers was that her ex is “dead/rotting!” Steve Harvey’s face was priceless.

Or the ever infamous “NAKED GRANDMA” man.


It’s a fun, family friendly game that gets the competitive juices flowing, and the laughs never stop.


I have always wanted to participate on a game show, shouting out ridiculous answers that somehow manage to be correct, or high fiving the rest of my team when one of them throws out a completely idiotic answer, but I have to pretend it was genius.


Luckily for me, the Ohio Union Activities Board exists, and they know what the people want (game shows if you are still confused). Thursday, February 9 from 6-10pm in the Performance Hall, OUAB is bringing trivia games, like Family Feud, to Ohio State! I can finally get my team together with matching pastel outfits up on stage to take on anyone who dares to think they know the game better than I do. Bring a team of 4 or just come to watch!


And did I mention the nacho bar? Gotta fuel up before you feud! This night will go down in OUAB history as the night the trivia gurus reign, and I can finally claim a prize for being the fastest buzzer hitter. But don’t let my enthusiasm (read: competitiveness) deter you from showing up. We can’t wait to see who turns out and what teams show up to claim the ultimate prize!

Written by: Dana Outcalt

Committee: Special Events

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OUABrushes and Brunch: The Lowdown

OUABrushes and Brunch: The Perfect Start

It’s Spring Semester at THE Ohio State University, and everyone knows what that means –  OUAB is back and better than ever! Here at OUAB, we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the semester than with…



And not just any free food, but…


For those unfamiliar with the term, brunch is the incredible late-morning combination of both breakfast and lunch. Brunch is obviously the best meal of the day, supplying the freshness of breakfast food, along with the fulfilling feeling of lunch. It seems hard for this event to get even more wonderful. Well in addition to the free* brunch, the highlight of the event will be…



This fun and relaxing event will provide the perfect way to decompress after a stressful week of classes and homework. On Sunday, January 29, OUABrushes and Brunch will take place in the Ohio Union Performance Hall. Brunch will be served at 10 a.m. and the painting will begin at 10:30 a.m. The class will be taught by a local artist and the exact image everyone will be painting will be a surprise until the very end. Plan to spend about two hours total working on your masterpiece. No previous artistic experience is necessary. Tickets for this event will not be released ahead of time, so please show up with a BuckID for entrance.


*To receive the free brunch, complete attendance is required for the event and leaving early is not allowed (i.e. dining and dashing will not be tolerated).


Written by: Alexandra Craig

Committee: Visual & Fine Arts


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Everything You Need to Know About #SnowdenUncovered

So you’ve got your ticket to the sold out “Breaking the Silence” with Edward Snowden event today. You saw Joseph Gordon Levitt play the titled character in “Snowden” with OUAB at its last Flicks For Free showing. You’re ready to go. But what do you need to know before sitting down in a full Grand Ballroom today at 7:30pm? We’ve got you covered with a FAQ on all things Snowden to get you prepped for what is sure to be an incredible lecture.

1. What was Edward Snowden’s position that allowed him access to the now infamous classified documents?

The CIA? The NSA? Actually neither. Though previously employed by the Central Intelligence Agency, Edward Snowden was working for Booz Allen Hamilton, a management consulting firm specializing in government affairs, in the months prior to his now infamous leak. He was assigned as a contractor to the National Security Agency in Hawaii and had clearance to access much of the organization’s classified information. In May of 2013, Snowden fled to Hong Kong with thousands of unauthorized documents, which he revealed to journalists the next month.

2. What did Edward’s Snowden’s leak reveal?

The very first story revealed that due to a top secret court order, the NSA had been collecting telephone records of millions of US Verizon customers. Later, it was revealed that in addition to Verizon, nearly every major telephone company in the US was doing the same. Though the contents of the conversation were not included in the records, the numbers of both participants were handed over as well as location data, call duration, and unique identifiers.

Other revelations shuffled in over the next year. One report indicated that the NSA spies on foreign leaders, including our allies. Another showed that the NSA can request user data from tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, which are obligated by law to comply. For a more in-depth look, google “PRISM” (but understand that the NSA will know you did).

3. Why did Edward Snowden feel obligated to share this information with the public?

Ever read George Orwell’s 1984? No? Ok, go read 1984.

Snowden’s documents for the first time showed that the communication records of millions of US citizens were being collected “indiscriminately and in bulk” – regardless of any suspicion of wrong-doing. Snowden believes this to be unconstitutional. “Privacy,” he says, “is the fountainhead of rights,” and its intrusion can be used as a weapon of oppression to abridge all other freedoms.

Others agree. Others do not. Come through tonight and develop your own opinion.

4. What is next for Edward Snowden?

Well in the immediate future, Edward Snowden will be speaking exclusively to Ohio State students!

Much beyond that is relatively unclear. He is currently residing in an undisclosed location in Russia having been granted temporary political asylum. However, this protection expires in 2017. Snowden and others have called on President Obama to pardon the former NSA contractor before he leaves office, but the President has appeared unlikely to oblige. The possibility for pardon seems even more unlikely under President-Elect Trump who in the past has been reported to have said, “Kill the Traitor.”

If Snowden returns to the US, he is sure to face the charges filed against him in a court of a law. Nonetheless, an exciting backdrop for this evening’s event. Doors open at 6:30pm in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Written by: Nick Lennon

Committee: Comedy

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Flicks for Free: War Dogs—A Movie that is Not Actually About Dogs But That You Should Still Totally See

No, this movie is not about a group of pups headed off to doggie battle, nor should it be confused with the canine adaptation of the Star Wars franchise: Dog Wars. War Dogs is actually the story of two men who secure a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to arm America’s allies in Afghanistan. Pretty badass, right? The 2016 comedy drama film stars Miles Teller and Academy Award nominated actor Jonah Hill. Here’s all you need to know:


  • War Dogs is based on the TRUE story of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz. The pair was in their early-twenties when they managed to secure the major U.S. Government contract—which is wild. Diveroli and Packouz were actually stoners who had no experience dealing with business of this magnitude.  That, however, didn’t stop them from embarking on a globetrotting adventure that left them dealing with sketchy crooks, dangerous soldiers, and corrupt politicians. 
  •  Diveroli and Packouz’s story was first recounted in Guy Lawson’s 2011 Rolling Stone story “The Stoner Arms Dealers: How Two American Kids Became Big-Time Weapons Traders.” Due to the article’s popularity, Lawson later expanded the story into the book Arms and the Dudes.
  • Jesse Eisenberg and Shia LaBeouf were originally rumored to play Diveroli and Packouz. After both actors fell through, Hill nabbed the role of Diveroli while Chris Pratt was considered to play Packouz. It was not until Teller saw the film’s director, Todd Phillips, at a restaurant that he asked to be put in the movie and then ultimately secured the role.


  • War Dogs is actually a buddy comedy movie about two clumsy stoners who get caught up in a load of trouble. This makes sense considering the director of the film is also famously known for directing The Hangover Trilogy, Old School, and Due Date.

Need a laugh or can’t wait to see how the film ends? Come see War Dogs on Wednesday November 9 in the U.S. Bank Conference Theater (Ohio Union) at either 6 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. (or both). Free popcorn and beverages will be provided!


May the bark be with you.

Written by: Jaya Adkins

Committee: Comedy

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OUABob’s Burgers in the Danger Zone: A Night with H. Jon Benjamin

Whether late-night binge-watching episodes of Archer, or catching the new episodes of Bob’s Burgers on TV, many are familiar with the voice that belongs to H. Jon Benjamin. Here’s more about the man behind the voice and his characters.

Enter the Danger Zone, where Sterling Archer claims to be the “World’s Best Secret Agent.” Whether arguing with his “hot and cold” girlfriend Lana, or one of his many other female counterparts, the womanizing, Burt Reynolds-loving Archer serves to provide humor for many. While at first H. Jon was worried to play a spy because his British accent is horrible, Benjamin portrays Archer flawlessly.


Upon leaving the Danger Zone, stop by and enjoy a “She’s a Super Leek” burger at the famous restaurant, Bob’s Burgers. While Archer is a philandering, selfish, reckless spy, Bob’s characteristics are very different. Bob is a family man that is often flustered and frazzled. He’s typically fed up with his family’s hilarious and apathetic ways, yet is caring and willing to do anything for them. Benjamin can see himself in Bob, though he believes that he himself is a little more cynical. In the way that Benjamin could not necessarily identify with Archer, he has the opportunity grow with Bob, which adds to the show’s already excellent character development.


While these two characters lead totally different lives, Benjamin captures the essence of both as individuals. He does it so well that there was even a crossover episode of the two shows. Being a fan of both comedies, I was very amused with not only the humor, but the overall execution from H. Jon Benjamin being able to properly execute dual roles in one episode of a show.


While one typically may not know the face of their favorite voice actors (I wouldn’t have even recognized him before this event), let’s not discredit the man behind some of our favorite characters. With Benjamin being a skilled improv artist, as well as a stand-up comedian, he uses those skills to ad lib scenes that complement his type of humor. Often, voice actors use different inflections of their own voice while acting, but Benjamin uses his natural voice to his advantage which adds to the originality of his characters. Along with Archer and Bob’s Burgers, Benjamin’s talents extend far beyond his famous cartoon counterparts and is featured in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Family Guy, and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist just to name a few.


Even if you aren’t familiar with his work, come see the talented H. Jon Benjamin on November 3rd at 8 PM in the Archie Griffin Grand Ballroom!

Get your tickets at the Ohio Union Info Desk. 2 per BuckID!

Written by: Kamaria Thomas

Committee: Visual & Fine Arts

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Kayla Harrison: Judo Winner or Superwoman?

I was under the impression that, as an avid Olympics lover, people knew the name of Kayla Harrison. It was this assumption I went off of; but, as I asked around a study room, I came across a different realization.

What? People didn’t know who Kayla Harrison is?!

There are a million places to begin, but let’s start at the top:

She’s a badass.


Kayla Harrison is the first female American to ever win an Olympic Gold in the sport of Judo. If you don’t know what Judo is, I suggest looking up some videos; but here’s a quick run-down!

Judo is a method of defending oneself without the use of weapons; it is much like jujitsu, but it bans dangerous blows and throws that could stress the sport itself. This sport was developed in Japan, and the ultimate goal is to wrestle your opponent to the ground. If anybody excels at this, it’s Kayla Harrison. Competing in the 78-kg weight class, Kayla took home the gold for the USA at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This wasn’t her first experience with a gold, however; On August 2, 2012, she won the Olympic title, defeating Gemma Gibbons of Britain, to become the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in judo.


Kayla began her interest with this sport at the age of 6, following in the shoes of her mother, who wore a black belt for the sport. A native of Ohio herself, she graduated from Middletown High School (as if you needed another reason to love her!). Simply obtaining a black belt wasn’t enough for her, though. On August 31, 2016 the United States Judo Association (USJA) promoted Kayla to a 6th Degree Black Belt, making her the youngest person in the US to ever be awarded this rank. Is there anything Kayla Harrison can’t do?

“Judo is… My life. It’s a way of life,” Kayla says in an interview for the “I am Judo” organization. “Every day when I wake up, it’s the first thing I think about, and every night when I go to sleep, it’s the last thing I think about.”

However, Kayla’s life wasn’t always easy. She is an activist for women who have experienced sexual abuse, something she has been very up-close with. She speaks out for the cause, encouraging women and men who have experienced similar tragedies to speak up, speak out, and get help. If you want to hear more about her life-changing upbringing, I encourage you attend the upcoming event!


Hurry; if you want to #OUABringHomeTheGold, you better get there fast before all the tickets are gone!

Event Details:

When: Thursday, October 27 at 7:30pm

Where: Ohio Union Performance Hall

Tickets available at the Ohio Union Info Desk, 2 per BuckID.

Written by: Chloe ten Brink

Committee: Specials